All About Us….


My husband (The Militant Dad) and I (The Candyass Mom) have very different backgrounds and parenting styles. Somehow we manage to compliment each other and bring out the good for our children.

The Militant Dad is a disabled Airforce veteran. He spent ten years in the Air Force, and if his knees worked he would still be in the Air Force today. Obviously with his military background he believes in strong, swift, often times physical punishment. No I don’t mean beating the children. Physical as in push ups and such.

I am the Candyass¬†Mom. I am not a complete pushover. I am actually a yeller. I get mad, yell, and then I am done. I don’t want the children to be unhappy or worse, bored. (If they are bored they will be driving me batty!) I am the one who is always trying to make peace and keep everyone happy.

You might be thinking wow, that can’t work well. If you were thinking that, well you are wrong. Somehow, someway we manage to compliment each other. We are very rarely ever angry at the children at the same time. We even flip-flop for each other to keep a nice steady balance. We don’t do it on purpose, it just naturally happens. Sometimes it even confuses us.

We have 5 children. $ daughters ages 16, 13, 13, and 8. And we have one some who will be 3 next month. The Militant Dad works full-time (often from his office here at home) and I. The Candyass Mom am a stay at home mother.

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We are entertaining and loving at best and funny and cranky at worst. Follow along and we will help you put your life in perspective, in other words help you see you really don’t have it so bad after all.




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